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Aba (Bright)

Abel (Son of Adam and Eve, Na)

Abelino (Son of Adam and Eve, Na)

Abundio (Abundant living)

Alonso (Noble estate, Eager)

Alvaro (Speaker of truth)

Amador (Lover)

Amato (Beloved)

Amistad (Friendship)


Bartoli (Farmer)

Bartolo (Farmer)

Bartolome (Farmer)  

Basilio (Noble)  

Beinvenido (Welcome)

Beltran (Bright raven)

Bemabe (Son of comfort)

Bembe (Son of prophecy)

Benedicto (Blessed)

Bernardo (Strong as a bear)  

Berto (Intelligent)  

Blanco (Blond)

Blas (Stutters)

Bonifacio (Benefactor)

Bonifaco (Benefactor)

Buinton (Born fifth)


Calvin (Bald)

Calvino (Bald)

Carlomagno (Strong, Manly)

Carlos (Strong, Manly)  

Casimiro (Peaceful)

Castel (Belonging to a castle)

Caton (Knowledgable, Wise)

Cedro (Strong gift)

Cesar (Hairy child, Long haired)

Chago (Supplanter)

Chale (Strong, Manly)

Chan (God is merciful)

Chano (Abbreviation of names ending in -ario)

Charro (A cowboy)

Chayo (Abbreviation of names ending in -ario)

Che (God wiIl multiply)

Chico (Strength of God)

Ciceron (Chickpea)

Cidro (Strong gift)

Cipriano (From Cyprus)

Cirilo (Noble)

Ciro (Sun)

Cisco (Free, A free man)

Claudio (Lame)

Clodoveo (Famous warrior)

Colon (Dove)

Concepcion (Father of nations)

Conrado (Brave counsel, Wise)

Constantino (Constant)  

Cornelio (Horn)  

Cortez (Courteous)

Cristian (Annointed, Follower of Christ)  

Cristiano (Annointed, Follower of Christ)

Cristobal (Christ bearer)  

Cristofer (With Christ inside)

Cristofor (With Christ inside)

Criston (Annointed, Follower of Christ)

Cristos (Annointed, Follower of Christ)

Cristoval (With Christ inside)

Cruz (Cross)

Cuartio (Born fourth)

Cuarto (Born fourth)

Curcio (Polite)

Currito (Free)

Curro (Free)


Dacio (From Dacia)

Damario (Heifer, Gentle)

Damian (Tame)  

Danilo (God is my judge)

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Dantae (Enduring, The medieval Hell known as Dante's Inferno)

Dante (Enduring, The medieval Hell known as Dante's Inferno)

Dantel (Enduring, The medieval Hell known as Dante's Inferno)

Dario (Rich)

Daunte (Enduring, The medieval Hell known as Dante's Inferno)

Delmar (Of the sea)

Demario (Heifer, Gentle)

Desiderio (Desired)

Devan (Fighter of wrong)

Devante (Fighter of wrong)

Devi (Fighter of wrong)

Diego (Supplanter)

Dino (Abbreviation of names ending in -dino)

Domenico (Of the Lord)

Domingo (Born on Sunday)  

Donatello (Gift from God)

Donato (Gift of God)

Donzel (Gift of God)

Duardo (Wealthy guardian)

Duarte (Wealthy guardian)

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Edgardo (Fortunate, Powerful)

Edmundo (Wealthy defender)  

Eduardo (Prosperous guardian)  

Edwardo (Prosperous guardian)

Efrain (Very fruitful)

Elia (Jehovah is God)

Elias (Jehovah is God)  

Eliazar (God has helped)

Elija (Jehovah is God)

Eloy (Renowned warrior)

Elvio (Blond)

Emanuel (With God)

Emest (Serious, Determined)

Emesto (Serious)

Emilio (Flattering)

Eneas (Praised)

Enrico (Ruler of an estate)

Enrique (Ruler of an estate)  

Enzo (Rules her household)

Erasmo (Friendly)

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Ernesto (Serious, Determined)  

Eron (Revered, Sharer)

Esequiel (God strengthens)

Esteban (Crown, Wreath)  

Estefan (Crowned in victory)

Estevan (Crown, Wreath)

Estevon (Crown, Wreath)

Eugenio (Noble)  

Evarado (Hardy, Brave)

Everardo (Hardy, Brave)

Ezequiel (God strengthens)


Fabio (Bean grower)

Fanuco (Free)

Faro (Reference to the card game faro.)

Faron (Pharoah)

Fausto (Lucky)

Federico (Peaceful ruler)  

Feliciano (Happy)

Felipe (Loves horses)  

Felippe (Loves horses)

Felix (Lucky)  

Ferdinand (Adventurer)

Fermin (Strong)

Fernando (Adventurer)  

Fidel (Faithful)

Fidele (Faithful)

Fidelity (Faithful, Sincere)

Fido (Faithful, Sincere)

Flavio (Blond)

Florentino (Blooming)

Florinio (Blooming)

Fonda (Profound)

Fraco (Weak)

Francisco (Free, A free man)

Franco (Frank)

Frasco (Free)

Frascuelo (Free)

Frederico (Peaceful ruler)

Fresco (Fresh)

Frisco (Free, A free man)


Gabino (God is my strength)

Gabriel (God is my strength)  

Gabrio (God is my strength)

Galeno (Small intelligent one)

Galtero (Strong warrior)

Garcia (Brave in war)

Gaspar (Treasure)

Gaspard (Treasure)

Gaspare (Master of treasure)

Generosb (Generous)

Geraldo (Rules by the spear)  

Gerardo (Rules by the spear)  

German (Warrior)

Geronimo (Sacred)

Gervasio (Warrior)

Gervaso (Warrior)

Gil (Squire Young shield)

Gilberto (Bright lad)  

Gillermo (Resolute protector)

Godfredo (Friend of God)

Godofredo (Friend of God)  

Gregorio (Watchful)  

Gualterio (Strong warrior)  

Guido (Guide)

Guillermo (Resolute protector)  

Gustavo (Royal staff)


Hector (Tenacious)  

Henrique (Rules the home)

Heriberto (Famous warrior)

Hernan (Adventurous, Courageous traveler)

Hernandez (Adventurous, Courageous traveler)

Hernando (Adventurous, Courageous traveler)

Hilario (Happy)  

Honorato (Honor)

Horado (Timekeeper)

Hugo (Intelligent)  

Humberto (Intelligent, Big, Bright)


Iago (Supplanter)

Ignado (Fire)

Ignazio (Fire)

Iliana (Shining light)

Incendio (Fire)

Inocencio (Innocent)

Inocente (Innocent)

Isadoro (Strong gift)

Isaias (Salvation of Jehovah)

Ishmael (God listens)

Isidoro (Gifted with many ideas)

Isidro (Gifted with many ideas)

Ismael (God listens)

Ivan (Archer)